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This Mash-Up Of Linkin Park And Lady Gaga Is A Ridiculously Good Time

This is Linkin Park’s Faint… but it’s Just Dance by Lady Gaga. Banger.

While we’re very much going to be celebrating the brilliance of Hybrid Theory all month as the record celebrates its 20 anniversary, a ridiculously fun mash-up featuring Linkin Parks Faint has reminded us what a damn fine record Meteora is, too (it’s cool, we’ve definitely got the time to be spinning both on repeat).

Anyway, mash-up master William Maranci (who else?) has combined the electrifying Faint with Lady Gaga’s huge 2008 debut single Just Dance, giving the singer’s vocals the ultimate backing band of Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson, Mike Shinoda, Dave Farrell and Joe Hahn. Though it certainly doesn’t replace the phenomenal power of late frontman Chester Bennington, the whole thing is undeniably catchy.

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As ever, the comments are an amusing mixed bag. Skilful mashup, well-polished, sounds good. 0/10 I hate it,” writes a YouTube user who is clearly not quite as impressed as us, while on the opposite end one fan enthuses, Those vocal edits are dead-on for actual OTT glitchy’ Linkin Park production.” Hell yeah.

Check it out below.

In the video’s description, William points to DJStronGer22’s 2009 mash-up of the same songs as inspiration – which is also well worth a listen as it includes Mike and Chester’s vocals, as well as Gaga’s…

Posted on October 8th 2020, 1:36p.m.
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