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Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou announce new EP, The Helm Of Sorrow

Hear Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou’s new cover of The Cranberries’ Hollywood, taken from their upcoming The Helm Of Sorrow EP.

It’s hardly been any time at all since their incredible May Our Chambers Be Full collaborative album, but Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou are reuniting once again for an upcoming EP.

The Helm Of Sorrow will serve as a companion release to their debut full-length, and will be released on January 15 via Sacred Bones. To mark the announcement, the artists have shared a cover of The Cranberries’ Hollywood, which you can check out below.

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Speaking to Kerrang! recently about the benefits of working together, Thou’s Andy Gibbs enthused, It raised the bar for me in terms of what we can accomplish with Thou as a band. We’d done collaborations in the past [with] varying degrees of difficulty, and varying degrees of success – not what it achieved, but what I wanted it to be and what it became. The way that this came out and what we were able to pull off raised the bar, because there were moments in the depths of this process where I was like,​‘How the fuck is this going to come together in a way that I will be satisfied with because there are so many moving parts?’ But it did, and I don’t think that hit me until I listened to the first mixes. I knew the songs were good, but I didn’t know if it would all come together on a record and sound like its own thing. Also, I think it gave me permission to step out a little bit in terms of what sound I would bring to Thou moving forward, it gave me some permission to show up with stuff that isn’t just crushing and 13-minute slogs that are hard to listen to.”

We definitely got to walk in each other’s shoes,” agreed Emma. I got to write some heavy riffs that wouldn’t necessarily make sense to play by myself. I got to explore that side of what it means to be heavy.”

Check out Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou’s new cover of The Cranberries’ Hollywood now:

The Helm Of Sorrow tracklist:

1. Orphan Limbs
2. Crone Dance
3. Recurrence
4. Hollywood

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Posted on December 10th 2020, 4:00p.m.
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