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Tom DeLonge To Feature On Virtual UFO Comic Con Panel This Weekend

Angels & Airwaves frontman Tom DeLonge will shed new light” on UFOs during this weekend’s virtual Comic Con panel.

It’s been a huge year for Tom DeLonge in terms of his passion for all things UFO-related, with The Pentagon officially releasing his company To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena videos, and Donald Trump even commenting on them. And now, the Angels & Airwaves frontman is set to feature in a Comic Con panel that will shed new light” on UFOs this weekend.

Tom will be joining fellow UFO hunter and former Pentagon special agent Luis Elizondo for the virtual discussion, as the pair try to make sense of outer space” together. The conversation is taking place on August 16 as part of Metaverse, a virtual New York Comic Con.

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When asked by Kerrang! about his UFO achievements last year after the U.S. Navy admitted Unidentified Aerial Phenomena is real, Tom said it was a big deal” for him, adding: A lot of people asked me if I felt vindicated or validated, but I didn’t really. I’ve been brought into something that’s a little bit scary and unnerving, so I don’t really feel vindication; I feel compassion for those people that are going to have a hard time digesting this stuff. And my job is to help them digest it better.”

Yep – it’s going to very interesting indeed hearing what he’s got to say this weekend…

Posted on August 11th 2020, 1:57p.m.
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