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Tonight: Boston Manor Run Riot In The K! Pit

Boston Manor bring a hefty slab of pop-punk to The K! Pit in London

It’s a Slam Dunk festival takeover in The K! Pit this week, as Blackpool pop-punks Boston Manor kick our favourite dive bar to pieces.

Following on from Bury Tomorrow last week, Boston Manor roll into Blondies in London to play a raucous show for 50 of their mates, who hurl themselves around like absolute madballs. The K! Pit isn’t exactly spacious, but the pits get moving and BM frontman Henry Cox finds himself crowdsurfing all over them. Well… this is The K! Pit after all.

Tonight (February 21) at 19:30 UK time (14:30 EST/11:30 PST) Kerrang! will livestream Boston Manor’s K! Pit on our official Facebook page, as well as posting it on YouTube.

If you didn’t make it down to The K! Pit (or even if you did), Boston Manor are playing Slam Dunk festival on May 25 in Leeds and May 26 in Hatfield. Get your tickets now.

To get yourself warmed up, check out one of our previous shows:

Posted on February 20th 2019, 6:00pm
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