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Tomorrow: Fall Out Boy Tell The True Story Behind Their Hiatus And Triumphant Return On Our Podcast

In the latest episode of our podcast Inside Track, Fall Out Boy reveal what led to their break and the massive albums that followed.

Among those of bands from the last two decades, Fall Out Boys story is truly remarkable. Four dudes from Chicago’s hardcore punk scene coming together to conquer the genre with a listenable new sound is impressive; further refining that sound until you become one of the most widely-recognized rock’n’roll bands in the world is just mind-boggling. When the band went on hiatus in 2009, plenty of people thought they’d seen the end of an era — but the boys just refused to stay down, and returned to write three more of modern rock’s most unforgettable albums.

In the latest episode of our podcast series Inside Track, in which the true stories behind some of rock history’s most incredible moments are told by the people who lived them, the members of Fall Out Boy reveal what led to their hiatus in 2009, from being physically ground down to finding themselves grossed out by the truths behind the veil of the record industry. Along the way, the band also walk the listener through the tracks on their new greatest hits collection, Believers Never Die – Volume Two.

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To hear why Fall Out Boy needed to step away from rock’n’roll — and then return its kings — SUBSCRIBE to Inside Track at one of the locations below: 

Every two weeks, Inside Track gives you rock’s biggest names telling the mind-blowing truths behind some of music history’s most monumental moments. Spanning from heavy metal to pop-punk, the podcast reveals what really happened while some of history’s most important sonic movements and game-changing records were coming into the world. Not only will Inside Track feature first-hand accounts by rock’s most talented musicians, but we’ll also let the producers, festival organizers, friends, and other figures behind the scenes give you the inside scoop you’ve never heard before.

If you’d like to get yourself warmed up, listen to our latest episode below, in which the people and artists behind Vans Warped Tour reveal how the festival became a cultural institution — and what led to its eventual downfall:

Posted on November 21st 2019, 5:00p.m.
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