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Tomorrow: Watch Baroness Blow The Roof Off Of A Tiny Brooklyn Dive Bar

Watch Baroness whip the crowd into a frenzy during tomorrow’s K! Pit stream.

Our K! Pits always have their crazy moments, including Daughters drawing blood and Jesus Piece unleashing hardcore spin-kicks. But before we hade Atlanta-based sludge quartet Baroness in to play, we had no idea what we were in for.

At our favorite small Brooklyn dive bar The Gutter, on a random street corner adjacent to a bowling alley in Williamsburg, we witnessed a truly mind-blowing spectacle of uninhibited rock’n’roll passion packed into the tiny room. As Baroness guitarists John Baizley and Gina Gleason blasted out one delicious riff after another, they screamed joyously into the faces of fans barely inches away, whipping the audience into a total frenzy.

Want to see for yourself? We’ll be streaming the show on our Facebook page tomorrow at 7:30pm GMT, 2:30pm EST, and 11:30am PST. Can’t watch it then? Stay tuned for a link to the YouTube video once it’s over.

Still need convincing? Take a gander at some shots from the show:

Baroness Int 1 Stephanie Augello
Baroness Int 2 Stephanie Augello
Baroness Int 4 Stephanie Augello
Baroness Int 3 Stephanie Augello
Baroness Int 5 Stephanie Augello
Baroness Int 7 Stephanie Augello
Baroness Int 8 Stephanie Augello
Posted on June 12th 2019, 7:00pm
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