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Touché Amoré Have Released A New Single, I’ll Be Your Host

Listen to Touché Amoré’s new single I’ll Be Your Host, taken from their upcoming album Lament.

Touché Amoré have unveiled a powerful and personal new single, I’ll Be Your Host.

The track is taken from the Los Angeles post-hardcore heroes’ upcoming fifth album Lament, which is due out on October 9 via Epitaph Records (pre-order it here).

Explaining the meaning behind I’ll Be Your Host, frontman Jeremy Bolm says that it stems from fans and listeners finding a source of comfort in processing their loss while he comes to terms with grief of his own.

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“I’ll Be Your Host is a song about the overwhelming nervousness I get when someone approaches me and talks to me about their dead loved ones,” he reveals. “I feel horrible because I 100 per cent understand why they’re sharing it with me. It’s hard having to stomach tragic story after tragic story while sometimes being asked advice when I absolutely don’t have the answers.”

Listen to I’ll Be Your Host below:

Posted on September 2nd 2020, 3:00pm
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