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twenty one pilots Discuss My Chemical Romance And Rage Against The Machine’s Reunions

Both of those bands have been influences on us, for sure,” says frontman Tyler Joseph.

Talk of the surprise reunions from My Chemical Romance and Rage Against The Machine last week hasn’t been far from fans’ lips – and the excitement has even reached Ohio superstars twenty one pilots.

Stopping by the Kevin & Bean show to promote the announcement that they’re playing the KROQ Absolut Almost Acoustic Christmas later in the year, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun were asked if it was “big news in twenty one pilots’ world” that My Chem and Rage are back.

I would say yes!” Tyler says. “Both of those bands have been influences on us, for sure.

I hope they pull it off, you know what I mean?” he continues. “I think that some people are just gonna be interested to kind of see if it works – almost wondering if it’s not. And I’m pulling for it.”

I think – especially what Tyler’s saying – if you go away hopefully on a good note and then you’re missed, you don’t wanna come back and ruin it, or make it underwhelming, because then you’ve ruined your chance to go out as a legend,” Josh adds.

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Back in March, Kerrang! asked the duo about My Chemical Romance in particular, and how there are parallels between both MCR and twenty one pilots’ fiercely dedicated fanbases.

“That’s a pretty crazy comparison,” Tyler replied. “We’ve never met those guys, but I look up to them, and I think that I’ve been influenced by them. I don’t think there’s a band in our peer group that wouldn’t be able to say that, so it’s a huge compliment.”

Watch Tyler and Josh on the Kevin & Bean show below:

Posted on November 5th 2019, 5:15pm
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