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Vic Rattlehead From Megadeth’s Dystopia Now Has An Action Figure

Toy line NECA has revealed their epic new action figure for Megadeth mascot Vic Rattlehead from their Grammy-winning 2016 album.

Rock stars making toys isn’t entirely new territory — Coheed And Cambria have a line in the works, and you can even buy a plush bat with its head bitten off courtesy of Ozzy. But now, toy makers aren’t just creating tie-ins, they’re bringing tiny plastic life to metal’s most famous mascots. Just last week, we saw the armored bipedal goat from Slayer’s debut album Show No Mercy get brought to tiny plastic life, and now Toyark has revealed a pic from New York Toy Fair that shows NECA’s new toy of Megadeth mascot Vic Rattlehead.

Here’s a picture below, via Toyark:

Megadeth Neca

The action figure — which looks, it should be noted, incredibly detailed and articulated — is of Vic from the cover of Megadeth’s 2016 release Dystopia, on which the band’s symbol of corporate greed and silence appears as a metallic cyborg in a police get-up, complete with a vest (that looks bulletproof on the album, but more dapper on the figure) and his sleeves rolled up. The image gives an extra level of menace to Vic, making him look more like a terminator than some thrasher skeleton.

This isn’t NECA’s first foray into metal action figures — the new Vic Rattlehead figure appears next to NECA’s articulated action figure or Anthrax’s Scott Ian. But this isn’t even NECA’s first Megadeth figure. The company also created a stylized version of Vic from the band’s immortal Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying? cover.

When the Dystopia figure will be available to the public, and how it ties into Megadeth’s upcoming new album or new greatest hits collection, remains to be seen.

Posted on February 18th 2019, 12:42pm
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