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Watch A Vocal Coach React To BABYMETAL

What’s a professional vocal coach’s verdict on BABYMETAL? Let’s see…

It’s safe to say that pretty much all fans of rock and metal have been converted to appreciate the absolute brilliance of BABYMETAL – but what does an actual professional think?

Vocal athlete Rebecca – who has also analysed videos from the likes of Alter Bridge, Alice In Chains and Faith No More – has taken a look at BABYMETAL and their epic style of signature kawaii metal.

Checking out their performance of Karate at Download Festival, Rebecca initially starts off a little bit confused…

Wait a minute, there’s just so much to talk about, really!” she says. “They look like little Alice Coopers. It’s very sweet and delicate and cute, and then the music just allows their voices to come through. It’s still very light and bright what I can hear, because there’s so much distortion and there’s just so much.

I’m a little bit bamboozled… I feel like my wig is going to get snatched, and torn, and on fire.”

But towards the end of the song, the power of BABYMETAL wins her over – as it of course eventually does with everyone…

It’s like a mixture of different genres, isn’t it?” Rebecca continues. “It’s kind of gothic, it’s obviously rock, it’s metal… I think they’re maybe trying to get a bit more volume out of their voices somewhat. I think I like that… it’s the light and the dark, it’s both together. It’s really fascinating, and I love the mixture of genres and ideas and creativity. They’re so creative – I like that.”

Watch the full thing below:

In other BABYMETAL news, the band have just been announced for this year’s Glastonbury.

They’ll also be headlining London’s O2 Academy Brixton very soon, which is not to be missed. Get your tickets now.

Babymetal Brixton
Posted on June 6th 2019, 12:13pm
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