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Watch: Behind The Scenes Of Bring Me The Horizon And YUNGBLUD Making Obey

YUNGBLUD opens up about working with his idols” Bring Me The Horizon…

Back in September, Bring Me The Horizon released the robot-tastic video for Obey. It looked like a Troma movie, in which a giant mechanical Oli Sykes gets into it with a similarly gargantuan YUNGBLUD, smashing up a city before making up and becoming buds. As a taster for Horizon’s 4K-rated Post Human: Survival Horror EP, it was a banger. But for YUNGBLUD himself, as a young megafan and fellow Yorkshire dweller, the collab was a dream come true, as he explains in a new behind the scenes video…

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I’ve followed Bring Me The Horizon since I was really young,” he recalls. They used to get me through a lot of things when I was younger and a lot of people didn’t understand me. I put on Suicide Season so much. I just loved the ideology behind them . I had this anger in me when I was younger like, I know something you don’t know,’ I was like, Let me just run.’ And when Jordan [Fish] joined the band and Sempiternal came out, that whole album blew my mind.” 

And when the call came through, it was an opportunity the Doncaster alt-rapper leapt at. 

We came together we were like, We need to release a track about the pressure of society and overcoming the bullshit.’ It’s kind of mad that you’re doing a song with one of your idols now. When Oli called me up I was like, I’ve kind of waited since I was 13 for this.’”

Earlier this year, YUNGBLUD explained how recording his second album, Weird!, has seen him reflecting on how growing up and seeing changes in his life has helped him overcome those previous insecurities. 

No-one understood or cared about me. It seemed as if the world didn’t want me to grow into the person I wanted to be, and that made me really insecure,” he told Kerrang!. But then I sent a call out, releasing music as YUNGBLUD to see if there were others who felt the same, and all these people found me.

The truth is, I’m not angry anymore,” he continued. “[2018 debut album] 21st Century Liability was so fucking angry, but that’s not who I am now. And that’s not to say that the new album is me going soft, because there are some fucking ragers and songs for the moshers on there, but this is going to be a record of optimism. How can I be angry when I now exist alongside this community of people where my insecurities, which I once considered to be a handicap, are now celebrated? This community was built by a bunch of outsiders, but I don’t feel like an outsider anymore because of how I’ve been welcomed by all these people. How the fuck can I be angry at that?”

Bring Me The Horizon’s Post Human: Survival Horror is out now. YUNGBLUD’s Weird! is released on December 4.

Posted on November 24th 2020, 11:00a.m.
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