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Watch Brendon Urie Perform ME! With Taylor Swift On The Voice

Watch Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie and Taylor Swift perform ME! on the season 16 finale of The Voice.

It’s been just under a month since Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie revealed the bonkers news that he’d guested on Taylor Swift’s sugary new single ME!, and now the pair have just performed the track live together for the second time.

In yet another OTT showing (following its live debut at the Billboard Music Awards), Brendon and Taylor gave attendees of the season 16 finale of The Voice one hell of a spectacle on Tuesday, with the Panic! At The Disco leader donning a ridiculously suave pink suit. Yep, looking dapper as always, Brendon…

Earlier in the month, Brendon revealed that fans could expect a new Panic! album sooner than planned…

“I thought I would take a little more time off and I’m already starting music,” he said. “Not with anything planned in mind, but just working on some ideas. I can’t help myself, so I don’t think it’ll be too long before another Panic! record.”

Interestingly, Pray For The Wicked was also created under similar circumstances, with Brendon expecting to take a break after touring and performing in Broadway play Kinky Boots – and instead being drawn into his home studio to work on music.

“I thought I was going to take a break, and I told myself and my management, I said: ‘The day that I get home, from that day, I want two weeks. I’m not going to pick up my phone, I’m not going to check my email… you guys can’t contact me, I am off the grid! And if I end up alive after that two weeks we can get back to work, but I’m gone!’” he told Kerrang! last year. “So two days went by where I literally was just getting high and playing video games, for two days straight, and it was the best – just laying there so casually, just chilling. And then… ugh… I couldn’t stay away from the studio. So I would just jump to the back yard and just go and do whatever was inspiring to me.”

Posted on May 22nd 2019, 3:36pm
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