Dave Grohl Little Drummer Boy cover December 2020
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Watch Dave Grohl cover Little Drummer Boy with The Bird And The Bee

Dave Grohl joins The Bird And The Bee for a cover of Little Drummer Boy on Jimmy Kimmel.

As well as releasing eight cover songs by Jewish artists for The Hanukkah Sessions! project with Greg Kurstin this month, Dave Grohl has teamed up with the producer once more for a performance of Little Drummer Boy.

The Foo Fighters frontman joined Greg and Inara George – who form pop duo The Bird And The Bee – on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to tackle the festive classic, with Dave heading behind the kit and serving quite literally as the song’s drummer boy. 

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In other Christmas and Dave Grohl-related news, the musician revealed an interesting festive story last week involving mushrooms.

I grew up in a house that was really small, and every Christmas night people just knew to come over to the Grohl’s little house,” he recalled.​“We would all just sit around and listen to music and drink and stuff like that. By the time I was like 14 or 15, now I’m in a punk rock band, my punk rock friends are coming over. Then my mom’s teacher friends are coming over and then my sister… I mean, we lived in a small little neighbourhood and everyone just knew to come over.

So this one year… God, I shouldn’t be telling this story,” Dave continued.​“This one year, I think I was like 15 or something like that. My friend gave me mushrooms for Christmas, right? I’d never taken them before. So I thought,​‘Okay, I probably shouldn’t take them at this party because all of my mother’s friends are coming over.’ Right? They’re teachers at the school that I go to, I know these people. I’d known for a long time.”

Nevertheless, Dave decided,​‘I’ll take a little bit before the party’ anyway…

I was out of my fucking mind,” he joked.​“So much so, one of the teachers from the school pulled me into the bathroom at one point and was like,​‘Are you doing cocaine?’ I was like,​‘No, no!’ So then after everyone left I stayed up and tried to learn that Zeppelin song, Bron-Y-Aur, that acoustic thing until like six o’clock in the morning. I never figured it out. I thought I figured it out, but I didn’t really figure it out…”

Anyway, check out Dave and The Bird And The Bee covering Little Drummer Boy below:

Posted on December 21st 2020, 11:40a.m.
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