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Watch Machine Gun Kelly Perform blink-182’s What’s My Age Again? With Travis Barker

Machine Gun Kelly performed blink-182’s smash single What’s My Age Again? with the one and only Travis Barker.

While most people are winding down towards the end of the year now, Machine Gun Kelly has been busy popping up at various live shows and performing with legends.

First, the rapper (real name Colson Baker) joined nu-metal titans Limp Bizkit onstage in Hollywood to play a raucous rendition of the always-rowdy Break Stuff at the beginning of December, and now a new video has been released of MGK performing with blink-182 drummer extraordinaire Travis Barker.

The pair teamed up with Goody Grace at the five-year anniversary party of Emo Nite in LA, dropping a cover of Enema Of The State single What’s My Age Again? for a few hundred lucky fans. Before they played the song together, Machine Gun Kelly revealed that their recent single together with Yungblud, I Think I’m Okay, had gone Gold earlier in the day. Awesome stuff.

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I met Travis when I was 19 years old, and I wanna say thank you for believing in me this whole fucking time,” MGK says onstage, turning to the drummer. And I’d also like to say: Travis, I’m really sorry, but you have no choice. We’re gonna play a blink song whether you like it or not!”

Check it out below.

In other Machine Gun Kelly news, the rapper revealed a week ago that he’s going to release a rock album in 2020.

In the world of Travis, meanwhile, Kerrang! recently caught up with the drummer to discuss his life and career at length. Explaining the pop-punks’ reunion and how it affected him, he said: I had already accepted that it was over, so when it did come back and we did a reunion tour, that was cool. It was fun to be around Tom [DeLonge, former frontman] again, and it was fun to be around Mark [Hoppus, bass] again, but I could always kind of feel the vibe that Tom really liked doing his own thing – probably even more so than blink. Whereas I always kept it as a priority, even if I was on tour with Wayne or if I was working with whoever, whatever rapper, whenever I was doing Transplants, whatever people would see me doing. Whenever blink came around, it was always my priority. Tom – and I love him to death – but I felt blink was no longer the priority for him. It was like, Oh, let’s do this reunion tour, but I really want to get back to doing my own thing.’ And I respected that in some ways, and I guess I could see Tom’s focus was somewhere else. Then eventually I felt like I had even more respect for him because he was like, Look, I don’t want to actually do this anymore, and I want to go do this, this and this.’ For him to walk away from such a big monster, a big machine like that, I have nothing but respect.”

When asked if he still keeps in touch with Tom, Travis responded: Yeah, I do. We talk, even if it’s only through text, like, Hey, are you cool? How’s the tour?’ I’ll say, Man, everything’s great, and I hope you’re doing good.’ Whatever. It’s just small talk really, but yeah, we definitely keep in touch, just to check in.”

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Posted on December 12th 2019, 3:57p.m.
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