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Watch Mastodon’s Super-Trippy Performance At The Adult Swim Festival

Mastodon’s Adult Swim livestream was absolutely bonkers

This weekend Mastodon joined the likes of Thundercat, Kamasi Washington and Blood Incantation for the Adult Swim Festival 2020. With a band as creatively ambitious as Mastodon helming their own livestream, we should have known they’d have something special in-store, and when you couple that with Adult Swim’s form-pushing history, the end result is… something else.

Like a Halloween party in a nightmare factory, the black-lit performance is full of luminous paint, skeletons, giant eyeballs, facepaint, dancers and MAXIMUM RIFFAGE.

Pummelling through a five-song set, Mastodon opened on the live debut of Asleep In The Deep (from 2014’s Once More Round The Sun album), before diving into the absolute ragers of Thickening, Steambreather, The Motherload and Blood And Thunder.

Check out the full 25-minute performance below. Like the warning the beginning says, it may trigger those with photosensitive epilepsy.

If you’d like to see a more stripped-back Mastodon set, featuring Neurosis’ Scott Kelly on guest vocals, check out their incredible set in The K! Pit from last year. We still haven’t recovered.

Posted on November 16th 2020, 4:38p.m.
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