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The dictionary definition of a sellout…” Watch Metallica read real one-star Amazon reviews of The Black Album

Metallica read out some brutal one-star reviews of The Black Album on Amazon during their recent Jimmy Kimmel appearance.

In a similar vein to his iconic Mean Tweets segments, Jimmy Kimmel recently invited Metallica to face some of their harshest critics head-on and look back at a bunch of brutal one-star reviews of The Black Album in honour of its 30th anniversary.

Many disgruntled listeners took to Amazon to voice their displeasure at Metallica’s massive fifth studio LP – released in 1991 – calling the band sellouts, stating that the songs on the record were lousy”, and even recommending others to purchase a Dire Straits or Foreigner CD instead”. Uhhh… okay?!

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James, Lars, Kirk and Rob took the whole thing in very good spirits, though, with Papa Het in particular having a good giggle at the line: this horrible, atrocious, self-titled $uck-o-roma”. LOL.

Recently, Kirk Hammett told Kerrang! of the sellout labels that were aimed at Metallica at the time of release: A lot of our core underground fans, they thought they were losing us. And I can understand that.

When a band goes from selling a million albums to all of a sudden selling 12 million albums, the feeling of intimacy with that band starts to erode.”

The Metallica Blacklist and The Black Album (Remastered) are out now via Blackened Recordings.

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Posted on September 13th 2021, 12:17p.m.
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