Limp Bizkit Boomtown Festival Roof Collapse 2018
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Watch The Roof Collapse While Limp Bizkit Perform Break Stuff

Uhhh… ‘Give me something to break…?!’

We’ve all felt the urge to smash something up whilst listening to Limp Bizkit’s Break Stuff, but at this weekend’s Boomtown Fair, the roof actually got involved in the action and collapsed under the weight of a huge pool of rain water.

Not only did the mid-set ceiling malfunction add a whole lot of dramaticism to Bizkit’s already-chaotic hit single, it also temporarily destroyed guitarist Wes Borland’s pedalboard, forcing the band to abandon their set a song early. Damn…

Check out fan-shot footage of the action below:

And see Wes’ comments on the incident, too:

In other news, it was frontman Fred Durst’s birthday the other day… so we took at look at his 13 Weirdest Moments.

(We love you, Fred.)

Posted on August 22nd 2018, 12:13pm
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