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Watch the trailer for Jackass Forever

Steve‑O, Johnny Knoxville, Chris Pontius and more return for the fourth Jackass movie, Jackass Forever

It’s here, it’s finally here! The first official trailer for the fourth Jackass movie, Jackass Forever.

In the stunt-heavy preview clip, the old gang are back to their idiotic ways, only – it seems – with even more firepower than before. Not only does Johnny Knoxville get fired out of a skyscraper-sized cannon, but Dave England gets hoofed off an exploding toilet.

Concussions aren’t great but as long as you have em before you’re 50, it’s cool,” jokes Steve‑O in the trailer, before pointing out that Johnny Knoxville is 49 so it’s fine.

Although, later we do see Steve‑O in traction with a tooth missing. So we’re not sure he’s the best judge of things.

We also see the odd cameo appearance, including Machine Gun Kelly being smacked by a giant hand and Eric Andre being knocked on his arse by what looks like an inflatable strapped to a coffee truck.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Jackass without Ehren being put in some serious danger, which this time comes in the form of a giant bloody bear. It’s… terrifying.

Check out the trailer for yourself below.

Jackass Forever hits cinemas on October 22.

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Posted on July 20th 2021, 5:40p.m.
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