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Watch The Trailer For Waterparks’ New FANDOM: Live In The UK DVD

This is what Waterparks’ “first ever full-length concert film” is going to look like.

Remember when we could all go to gigs? Well, at this point, we’ve sort of forgotten actually, but thankfully Waterparks will soon be reminding everyone of the joy of live music by sharing their “first-ever full-length concert film” in the form of FANDOM: Live In The UK.

The Texan trio crossed the pond earlier this year to bring their 4K-rated album FANDOM album to life, choosing to film a 19-song set at Birmingham’s O2 Institute for the DVD release (we saw them play two nights at London’s Electric Ballroom and can confirm it was wicked). And though we don’t yet know when it’ll be arriving in full, the band’s new trailer makes it look pretty damn snazzy…

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As for the future of Waterparks? Beyond the release of recent single Lowkey As Hell, frontman Awsten Knight isn’t too sure if now is the time for a new record just yet, given how strange the world is right now.

“I’m watching these releases that I think are very good and very cool, but they get talked about for a very short time and then people move on,” he told Kerrang! recently. “Everybody’s brains are just fucked right now, and they’re working differently [than usual]. This year is going so quick, and I was watching videos about it, and it’s because when you do the same shit every single day, your brain doesn’t hold on to it as much because it doesn’t have to. Your brain isn’t retaining every single day. I’m seeing cool shit being forgotten, and so I definitely don’t want to give anything too big right now…”

Watch the trailer for FANDOM: Live In The UK below:

Posted on October 16th 2020, 10:49am
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