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Watch This Guy Play AC/DC’s Back In Black Using Dildos

This YouTube drummer bashes out AC/DC’s Back In Black with a pair of dildos

Have you ever looked at a drumstick and wished it was more… errm… phallic? Well you’re not alone, because YouTuber 66Samus has taken it upon himself to replace his usual wooden tubthumpers with two floppy dildos. BECAUSE THE INTERNET.

Of course, he’s not just flailing the plastic wangers around like a madman, practicing the intro to Raining Blood over and over, he’s learned to play AC/DC’s iconic Back In Black with the rock’n’roll sex toys.

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There’s very little that we can write to do justice to the video below, it’s just a bit silly isn’t it? What’s even more ridiculous is the fact this isn’t even the first time 66Samus has used flopping willies to play drums – he covered Metallica’s Enter Sandman with dildos last year.

Check out his interpretation of Back In Black below.

Rumours have been flying around of AC/DC’s imminent return all year. Earlier this year it was speculated that Brian Johnson would return to the band for a new album, with more stories emerging that they’re in the studio “doing something”, and lately there are rumblings of a potential world tour.

Could it happen? Will we see AC/DC ride again with Brian Johnson? Stay tuned to Kerrang! to find out first.

Posted on October 9th 2019, 10:37am
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