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Watch Tom Morello Toss A Guy’s Phone Into The Crowd After He Tried To Take An Onstage Selfie

Let Tom Morello shred in peace.

It’s happened again. You’d think concertgoers, especially punk and metal ones, would learn that musicians don’t want to take a selfie with you onstage. An indulgent individual learned the hard way last week at FIDLAR. Now a Tom Morello fan learned his lesson as well when his attempt at taking a selfie with Tom onstage was cut short when the guitarist threw his phone into the crowd.

At 101WKQZ’s Piqniq in Tinley Park, IL, Tom invited some of the audience up onstage as he was rocking out during a guitar solo. That’s when one guy tried to take a selfie, and failed when Tom took his phone and threw it into the crowd.

Watch the incident below:

Tom then quoted the tweet with an unapologetic caption:

For fuck’s sake, it’s a rock show. What did that guy expect?

Tom also replied to a tweet saying he would take a selfie with a fan off stage. So there you have it, folks: you can take selfies with musicians, just, please, for the love of God, not while they’re literally in the middle of playing a song.

In the case of punk quartet FIDLAR, the band took to Reddit with an explanation:

“This is what happened. We were playing at Cornerstone Brewery in Berkley. We went to Taco Bell Cantina before that and had Crunchwrap Supremes with beers. Was a very special bonding experience.

“This kind of stuff happens to us all the time. We encourage stage diving and moshing and all that good stuff. But this is where I draw the line. No selfies while I’m performing. Sorry brah. A big ole nope to that. I kindly pushed her out of the way the first time to let her know I am not down, so my instinctive reaction was to get that phone out of my face.

“It’s all good though. She laughed and she actually got her phone back after the show. Not broken or anything. Boom.”

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Posted on June 17th 2019, 10:04pm
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