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Watch twenty one pilots’ New Video For The Hype

twenty one pilots have released a brand-new video for their latest single, The Hype.

Fresh from their recent Best Rock nomination at this year’s MTV VMAs, twenty one pilots have unveiled a brand-new video for The Hype.

The track is taken from Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun’s latest album, the 4K-rated Trench, released last year via Fueled By Ramen.

At the time of Trench’s release, Tyler told us of The Hype: The idea of a song is so fragile; a single comment can completely change it. The idea of The Hype was this intentional thing where I thought about what the hype’ was. It’s not only an external pressure, but if I let people literally in to the studio, and if I did the stereotypical thing of all my bros are there and they’re listening to me work on stuff and they’re telling me it’s great, and I invite some celebrity friends over and they say, This is going to be a hit,’ and everything… to no fault of their own, because all that is is just excitement, and a reaction of how close in proximity someone is to where something was created, it’s not a good representation of whether or not something is actually good. In that moment, when you have those people around you telling you that it’s great, you’re in this bubble that doesn’t exist. 

So when you don’t have those people around you, and it’s just you, and you’re listening, it’s much easier to be honest with the idea of whether or not it’s good or not. We’ve talked about the studio setting that we like to be in, and how we feel like it’s vastly different than some other studio settings that we’ve seen, or heard about, or watched. And that’s something that I’ll always stand by: you should not bring hype men in and tell you that it’s good or bad. Get them out of there.”

Check out the video below: 

twenty one pilots will return to the UK next month to headline Reading & Leeds.

We asked frontman Tyler Joseph what fans can expect from their debut headline slot at one of the UK’s biggest festivals, and he enthused: 

The culture of music in the UK is something we’ve always looked up to. Some of our favourite performances of festivals and stuff has been over here. In a sense, when you live over in the States, you kind of look over at the UK as a very credible, cool, authentic music scene. 

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It’s tough to get everything in our live show to translate over into a festival set, but there’s something special about festivals, and something special about being outside, too. And that set is going to be like no other set we’ve ever played. There’s definitely an air of unpredictability, and you don’t really know exactly what to expect. You’d be a fool to assume that everybody is there to watch you – or even know who you are. So there’s a bit of a competitive edge to it, because there’s so many awesome bands on the bill, and so being motivated to rise above that giant pool of talent, and to make your mark, is something that we’re really excited to step up to that challenge. 

The last time we played Reading was one of my favourite sets ever. I did a stage-dive and climbed over the top of 10,000 people, and had a few people pulling on me in the process, but I rather enjoyed it! I thought it was a lot of fun, and the energy was amazing. I can’t wait to do it all over again – we’ll see what happens this time…” 

Reading Leeds 2019 Updated July
Posted on July 27th 2019, 10:27a.m.
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