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Watch Korn Bring The House Down In This Live Footage From 1993

This footage of Korn playing Blind at their second show ever reminds us how much they hit the ground running…

With their new album The Nothing punishing eardrums across the planet, it’s easy to just think of Korn as one of the biggest metal bands in the world. But everyone had to start somewhere, especially a band like Korn, who have always been vocal about their humble and somewhat broken upbringings in Bakersfield, California. That said, sometimes bands just hit a sweet spot from the get-go, as evidenced by this footage of Korn playing their hit song Blind at their second show ever in 1993.

Obviously, this being the early ’90s, this footage was shot using a camcorder (that probably weighed, like, eighteen pounds), so it’s not terribly crisp. At the same time, it sort of doesn’t need to be — the power of the track can easily be seen in how much everyone in the crowd bounces their asses off to it. Meanwhile, i’s kind of easy to identify the members of Korn by their hair and stage presences (some of them still headbang the same way to this day). Overall, it’s a dated and muddy but compelling performance, that reminds viewers of what it must have been like seeing Korn live back in the early days.

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Watch Korn play Blind in Bakersfield, 1993, below:

For many, Korn’s music was that which inspired them to pick up an instrument. Earlier this year, on the anniversary of Follow The Leader’s release, several musicians spoke to us about the massive impact that album had on them.

“When Follow The Leader came, out that’s exactly what everyone was trying to do,” said Devildriver’s Dez Fafara, “and at that time, it was Korn and a myriad of other bands from the nu-metal scene at the forefront of all things music and style. The record in its entirety is a lush background of down tuned riffs and emotion…and like a bad child, not well behaved, which all true art aspires to be. Watching them hang on over the years and remain at the top has been an exercise is higher learning that all musicians should pay close attention to.”

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Posted on September 22nd 2019, 1:52pm
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