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Weezer Premiered Their New Album On Their Own Island In Fortnite

Visit Weezer World in Fortnite to hear their new album in full

To mark the release of their Black Album, a Weezer island has been created in Fortnite and it’s streaming the whole record in full.

The island, known as Weezer World, features a Jukebox that plays the new album, which includes recent single High As A Kite.

And now it’s finally time to kick back & relax on your very own island in the sun,” tweeted Weezer. “Stop by the one of a kind Weezer World amusement park in Season 8 of Fortnite. Find it in creative mode and listen to the sweet sounds of The Black Album while playing Fortnite Creative.”

Rivers Cuomo followed up the reveal by tweeting “There’s a song on the Black Album about Fortnite and Juuls.”

Geoff Keighley from The Games Awards tweeted gameplay footage of the island, which features a giant, flashing Weezer logo. If anyone knows where we can get one for our office, let us know.

Weezer’s Black Album is out now. The band headline Brixton O2 Academy in London on June 29 – get your tickets now.

Posted on March 1st 2019, 11:01am
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