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World’s Largest HMV Opens In Birmingham

HMV have opened a new store in Birmingham and it is MASSIVE

Just eight months ago, high street music retailer HMV was saved from administration, allowing 100 stores across the UK to keep their doors open.

And now they’ve opened a brand new store. But this isn’t just any record store, it’s the largest entertainment store in Europe.

The new store, known as the HMV Vault, opened today in Birmingham on the site of an old Toys R Us. The Vault will stock 80,000 CDs and 25,000 vinyl, making it the largest HMV store in the world.

Last month it was reported that vinyl was on course to outsell CDs for the first time since 1986.

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HMV was acquired in February 2019 by Sunrise Records owner Doug Putman, who recognises that while the sales of physical media were down nearly 13% in the past year, HMV are “ahead of the market”.

He continues, “I believe we can grow the chain. A lot of high streets are challenged and struggling. The UK has got an amazing high street and we want to support that. There is something really special about it and when it’s gone, it’s gone.”

The HMV Vault was opened officially by a lunchtime performance from One Direction’s Liam Payne.

Take a look at the new, enormostore below.

Posted on October 11th 2019, 2:51pm
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