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WWE’s New Metal-Themed Wrestling Shirts Are Awesome

Wrestling and metal have always gone together well, but WWE’s new metal-themed wrestler shirts take the partnership to the next level.

Who knew that wrestling and heavy metal went together so well? Obviously everyone, but WWE have now decided to capitalize on this long-standing partnership by releasing a rad new line of metal-themed wrestler shirts that will have fans’ wallets down for the count.

Some of the most awesome and entertaining of the crop are Braun Strowman’s tribute to Black Sabbath:

Wwe Braun Sabbath

Jeff Hardy’s out-there Tool-themed shirt:

Wwe Hardy Tool

Ronda Rousey’s high-voltage AC/DC tribute:

Wwe Ronda Acdc

Finn Balor’s dark homage to Slayer:

Wwe Balor Slayer

And Seth Rollins, arguably one of the most metal wrestlers of all time, whose shirt seems based on the logo and designs of both Pantera and maybe Henry himself:

Wwe Rollins

Other shirts in the line include an Evanescence tribute by Alexa Bliss and a Johnny Cash tribute by Elias.

All of these shirts are available at the WWE shop for not that much money, so if you’re a metalhead who’s also a huge fan of sweaty people in spandex slamming each other to the floor for the raw entertainment of it, you might want to go grab one.

Posted on March 13th 2019, 2:51pm
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