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You Can Now Google Search Songs By Singing, Humming And Whistling Them

Google’s new ‘Hum To Search’ feature will tell you the song name based on your own humming, singing or whistling…

Google has announced a feature for mobiles named ‘Hum To Search’, which lets you hum, sing or whistle a melody to track down a song.

If you’ve got the latest version of the Google search app or Google search widget, you can tap the mic icon and ask ‘What’s this song?’ before launching into the riff from Whole Lotta Love, the intro from Back In Black, or the chorus from Nookie.

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The feature is just one of many machine-learning updates announced by the company this week, currently available in 20 languages. The results include artist name, album art, and a percentage match for your vocal efforts.

Hum To Search also works with Google’s Assistant, booting up when you say, ‘Hey Google, what’s this song?’

They say the feature works by using machine learning models to “transform audio into a number-based sequence representing a song’s melody,” which it compares to existing songs.

We’ve already tried with the riff to War Pigs and the intro to Raining Blood, and didn’t get very far – but that’s probably just us…

Posted on October 16th 2020, 1:01pm
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