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Yungblud Cancels Asia Tour Due To Coronavirus

Due to the current travel risks associated with coronavirus, Yungblud has postponed his upcoming tour of Asia.

Joining the growing list of bands who have had to postpone or cancel tours due to the coronavirus outbreak, Yungblud has announced he will no longer be playing in Asia this month.

The Doncaster star was set to perform in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, The Philippines and Singapore from next week onwards, but has taken to Instagram to confirm that unfortunately this will no longer be happening – but that he is “going to get out there” again as soon as he possibly can.

A bit of bad news,” he says. “I’m going to have to cancel this Asia tour because we’ve been advised about the travel risks in terms of the coronavirus. At first I was going to say, ‘Fuck it’ and come, but we have been advised again to seriously not.

I just wanted to send a message just to say I’m really thinking about you all a lot and I want to send all my love and I hope everyone is safe, and I hope everyone is trying to be as positive as they can. I love you so much. I’ll be back so soon. I promise, I swear to god. I’m going to get out there as soon as I can. I’ll see you soon, I love you, look after each other, stay safe.”

Speaking to Kerrang! recently about his live shows and how he hopes to make gigs a safe space for all, Yungblud revealed: “I want to take this to the biggest rooms and make everyone present feel like they belong, because all I’ve ever wanted is to belong somewhere.

“I see myself in these people – that was me at a My Chemical Romance concert. I used to think it wasn’t alright for me to be who I am, and I got so low that I contemplated suicide. I never want anyone to go through what I did.”

Adding how it’s ultimately his fans who have increased the power of his message, he continued, “So many fans have directly inspired my music.

“A girl in Holland left home, shaved her head and went to art school. I saw two boys snogging in the middle of the mosh-pit, because it was the only place they felt safe. A young trans girl I met last year said that my song Kill Somebody allowed her parents to understand why she wanted to go through a gender transition. That’s real shit, and that’s what I do this for. Yungblud isn’t about me – it’s a community. It’s us.”

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Posted on March 4th 2020, 11:15am
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