This Guy Bought A Dollar Store Guitar And Made A Metal Song

Probably the cheapest metal song ever created!

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You've probably encountered Youtuber Rob Scallon before: he's the man who turned a shovel into a djent guitar, and also the man who played a song that included every fret of the guitar, he'll also do you a full half hour of instrumental 8-string guitar if that's your bag. The internet's great isn't it? For his latest endeavour, Rob went to a Dollar Tree - the US equivalent of Poundland to you UK readers - and purchased one of those tiny guitars you can get there for - you guessed it - a dollar. 

It's a bit of a weird listen, but kudos to him for trying!

Watch him rock out below:

10/10 for effort.

While you're here check out one of his finest moments - Metal In Very Inappropriate Places:

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