Watch Refused Bring The Revolution To A Tiny London Dive Bar

Refused blast out their war music inside The K! Pit, in association with Rizla

In our latest Brooklyn K! Pit, Fit For An Autopsy remind us why they’ve become a force within extreme music.

Watch Enter Shikari's Full Set At Saint Vitus Bar In Brooklyn

Enter Shikari unleash chaos inside Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus Bar

In our latest episode of our Art Of The Record video series, producer Will Putney works with a band he knows all too well — his own.

Watch Petrol Girls Bring The Fire To A Tiny London Dive Bar

Petrol Girls unleash the fury in The K! Pit live in East London

In our latest installment of our Art Of The Record series, the almighty Norma Jean strive to capture their message in the studio.

In our latest Art Of The Record, producer Will Putney talks writing more than just pretty words with Stray From The Path.

Norma Jean get sweaty and tumultuous in our latest Brooklyn K! Pit.

Watch Toronto punks PUP start the party in the latest instalment of The K! Pit

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