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A Marching Band Covered Panic! At The Disco At A Halftime Show

Panic! At The Football Stadium, more like? Yeah, this is pretty epic!

Let’s face it, Panic! At The Disco have written some right bangers in their career. From the emo anthem of I Write Sins Not Tragedies all the way through to recent pop-rock rager Victorious, you could easily fuel one sweet rock club night with all their hits.

An audience at an American Football match were treated to a halftime show that will probably turn them all into instant Panic! fans. The Falcon Marching Band of Bowling Green State University in Ohio were on hand to play some of the band’s hits to the crowd. In the eight-and-a-bit minute segment, they managed to pop off renditions of LA Devotee, Nine in the Afternoon, Victorious and I Write Sins Not Tragedies.

Check out the footage below:

While we’re not the biggest American football fans, we must admit that if this happened in the UK we’d probably be there reviewing it in the mag. Maybe next time they can pump up the rock and give us some Fall Out Boy or even some Paramore. Or failing that, bring the metulz with a bit of Metallica? Imagine Fade To Black played through a marching band. Imagine! 

The performance was so good, it even got the thumbs up from Panic! At The Disco on Twitter. 

Listen to Panic!’s latest album, Death Of A Bachelor, below:

Posted on September 27th 2017, 10:24am
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