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Brent Hinds Gets Tattooed And Talks About All The Gear He’s Selling

There comes a time in your life when you have to get rid of everything and for me, that time is now.”

Fancy a piece of Mastodon history for yourself? You’re in luck. Brent Hinds has partnered with gear re-selling site Reverb to clear out a few bits.

There comes a time in your life when you have to get rid of everything and for me, that time is now,” Hinds told Reverb. “The music gear I’m selling in my Reverb shop is legitimate shit. All of it was heavily used—all over the world on tour, in the studio, and beyond. A lot of early Mastodon work was created on this gear.”

Here he is getting tattooed and talking about the stuff he’s clearing out:

Hinds is selling three V-shaped guitars: a black Dean V 79 Classic and a 1981 cream Gibson Flying V that Hinds has toured around the world with, as well as a black 2008 Gibson Flying V ‘67 reissue used to record earlier Mastodon albums. Another piece of gear for sale that was used on that album is a First Act Custom Shop Lola double-neck electric that Hinds designed himself.

There’s so really special Mastodon bits up for auction: a full-sized Hammond Colonnade church organ that can be heard on every Mastodon record before Crack the Skye and a one-of-a-kind Robert Randolph Custom Sierra 13-string pedal steel guitar. Hinds bought the pedal steel from Randolph over a decade ago and played it on Once More ‘Round the Sun and Cold Dark Place.

Go pick something up!

Posted on August 17th 2018, 5:15pm
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