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Code Orange Debut New Animated Video On Adult Swim

The Mud is vvvv heavy, and the video is pretty gnarly too.

Code Orange have released a video to accompany their industrial-tinged new track The Mud, which debuted in the US during Adult Swim’s Toonami this weekend. Check out the animated video, which was directed by Dmitry Zakharov and Code Orange’s Shade, below. 

Earlier this year Code Orange was announced for Adult Swim’s 2017 Singles Series, which features 52 new tracks from a variety of artists over the course of 52 weeks.

If you’re interested in animation, you should check out director Dmitry Zakharov’s other work. He’s made all sorts of incredible videos. This video of clones of himself dancing to Thriller is fun though:

Code Orange are currently on a coast-to-coast run of North American dates alongside Gojira and Torche til mid-October. If you’re in the States you should check them out. If not, maybe just go listen to Forever and lift some weights:

Posted on October 4th 2017, 12:32pm
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