Spanish Love Songs Promo Photo Credit To John Lafirira

Exclusive: LA’s Spanish Love Songs Premiere New Video For The Boy Considers His Haircut

Watch the video for Spanish Love Songs’ new single, The Boy Considers His Haircut.

Back in March of this year, LA’s Spanish Love Songs released their second album, schmaltz, on AF Records. It’s a collection of boisterous but reflective, anthemic but contemplative songs centered around the anxieties, insecurities and emotional traumas of songwriting of vocalist/guitarist Dylan Slocum. Despite its slightly tongue-in-cheek title, The Boy Considers His Haircut is no different, and finds Dylan in a rather existential conundrum about the value of making music.

My dad actually said the opening lines of this song to me when he heard the pre-production tracks for schmaltz,” says Dylan. “I wrote it down as a joke but it sent me into a spiral about being almost 30 and playing in an unknown band like it was something important. And that spiral led to a song about some of the things I’d like for my life, but probably won’t ever get. I guess i didn’t listen to his advice. This was somehow the most expansive video we’ve ever shot. We did two takes. I ate two cakes.”

If you’re not yet aware of the band - completed by Kyle McAulay (guitar), Gabe Mayeshiro (bass), Ruben Duarte (drums) and Meredith Van Woert (keys) - then this song is the perfect place to start, not least because the video somehow manages to be as morose and miserable as it is fun and hilarious. But don’t take our word for it - check it out exclusively below!

The band are on tour in September, October, November and December, which includes dates in the U.S. with Iron Chic and UK/European dates with Ducking Punches and We Bless This Mess. Check out the full list of dates here.

Featured photo: John Lafirira

Posted on September 21st 2018, 4:00pm
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