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Exclusive: Pig Destroyer Take The Piss Out Of A Funeral In Their New Video For Mt. Skull

Watch this grindcore masterpiece and try not to laugh.

Twenty years since forming, grindcore legends Pig Destroyer remain the house band for people who burst into maniacal laughter at inappropriate moments. Trends come and go, sounds move in and out of vogue, and through it all the Virginia noise artists continue to write music that sounds like a panic attack on steroids and robs listeners of any remaining innocence or decency.

The band’s upcoming new album, Head Cage, is a continuation of that long tradition. Though the guitars have more of a metal edge than those of 2012’s Book Burner, PxDx’s sixth full-length release still fulfills the promise that the band made all those years ago: to drown listeners in spasming rage and scathing social commentary.

So we here at Kerrang! are pleased as an organ thief in a morgue to premiere the video for Pig Destroyer’s latest track, Mt. Skull. If the Army Of Cops video is all about Pig Destroyer’s honest musicianship, then Mt. Skull showcases their most insane daydreams. The video takes us to the funeral of our good friend Stanley, beloved biped and respectable member of society… at least, until his pallbearers get tackled by a Japanese gameshow, and then his corpse gets hijacked by a skating game. If this sounds confusing, don’t worry, it stays confusing – but it’s also funny as hell.

Says synths and sampler-person Blake Harrison:

Did someone say banana peels?!?! We here at Pig Destroyer Industries are happy to announce our third video in conjunction with Joe Stankum, so get out your coffins and skate Mt. Skull!”

Terrific. Five stars, A+ for making our mothers wonder where they messed up.

Watch Stanley get buried under six feet of pure radness in Mt. Skull, right here:

Check out the cover of Pig Destroyer’s Head Cage and wonder how they found a picture of who you are on the inside:

Pig Destroyer Head Cage

Pig Destroyer’s Head Cage drops September 7 via the one and only Relapse Records. Pre-order that sumbitch here. Be sure to catch the band at one of their rare upcoming tour dates, which can be found here.

Featured photo: Joey Wharton

Posted on August 29th 2018, 5:00pm
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