Exclusive Premiere: Andrew W.K. Releases Video For Music Is Worth Living For

Music Is Worth Living For finds me and my band mates in the throes of a colossal vision quest…”

Andrew W.K. recently released You’re Not Alone, his first new album in more than a decade. Today, Andrew unleashes upon us all a new video for the album’s anthemic statement of purpose, Music Is Worth Living For.

Music Is Worth Living For finds me and my band mates in the throes of a colossal vision quest,” says Andrew. “Determined to party harder than ever, we steel ourselves against alien elements, and battle a formless but formidable storm. Multiplying myself, I attempt to transcend the whirling void by engaging in a series of flailing spiritual maneuvers, vainly wrestling with the emptiness of my own soul. Alas, I discover I had already been consumed by my own triumphantly pathetic creation. And at this moment of devastatingly poignant clarity, I realize I’m back where I started, trapped inside the hardest party of all: Being alive.”

Check out the video right here:

Andrew’s first national television performance in support of You’re Not Alone airs next Tuesday, April 24 when he and his band showcase Music Is Worth Living For live on CONAN. He is currently finishing up a sold-out UK tour this weekend which kicked off in Cardiff on Friday 13 April, returning to the USA next Saturday, April 28.

You’re Not Alone is available HERE.

Posted on April 19th 2018, 5:47pm
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