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Exclusive: Red Fang Gets Personal In New Video For Listen To The Sirens

The Portland, Oregon, rockers cover a song by Gary Numan’s Tubeway Army in their latest badass video.

If you’re looking to Red Fang for the same old song and dance, you’re barking up the wrong tree. The Portland stoner rock quartet have been throwing curveballs since 2005, surprising critics and fans alike with a shapeshifting sound and a killer live energy that has wowed audiences the world over.

Now, with their upcoming Kerrang!-sponsored tour with Big Business, Monolord, and Dead Now kicking off in just a week, Red Fang is taking another hard left turn with the video for Listen to the Sirens.

It’s not enough that a band who is synonymous with American headbanger culture decided to cover a track by Gary Numan’s new wave act Tubeway Army — the Fang has also switched up their video style this time around. Sirens isn’t your usual animated yeti attack or beer container cosplay; instead, the band takes fans on a spin studio and hometown of Portland, giving listeners a peek into their everyday lives and surroundings.

Get personal with Red Fang exclusive premiere of Listen to the Sirens below:

And make sure you get your face blasted off when Red Fang embarks on their Kerrang!-sponsored tour with Big Business, Monolord, and Dead Now at one of the dates below:

Red Fang Fall 2018 Poster

Goddamn, that bat face graphic rules.

Watch Red Fang’s other videos here, and purchase their latest album Only Ghosts at their Bandcamp or the Relapse store.

In the meantime, keep up with the band on their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

Posted on August 28th 2018, 8:00pm
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