Exclusive: Svalbard Premiere For The Sake Of The Breed Video

It’s a furious commentary on breeding pets instead of adopting.

Svalbard have unveiled the third track from their forthcoming album, It’s Hard To Have Hope. The song, For The Sake Of The Breed, deals with the way animals are bred for perfection, when thousand remain unadopted in shelters.

We are firm believers in the ‘adopt, don’t shop’ mantra towards choosing a furry friend,” explains singer/guitarist Serena Cherry. “Why spend thousands of pounds on a pure-bred dog when there’s thousands of dogs in shelters who are desperate for a loving home? When you adopt, not only do you save a life, but you support a charity rather than a private breeders business. There has always seemed to be an element of ‘playing god’ to me with pure bred dog breeders. With brachecephallic breeds like Pugs, often it seems the health of the dog gets forsaken for the sake of maintaining the supposedly “desirable” squashed-face look. If only it were as desirable to adopt a mongrel dog in need.”

The Bristol metal crew’s new album, It’s Hard To Have Hope, is out on May 25 via Holy Roar. Catch them live on the following dates…


18 Birmingham Asylum
19 Glasgow Garage
20 Manchester Rebellion
24 London Black Heart
25 Nottingham Stuck On A Name


2 Penzance Acorn
25 Brighton Haunt
26 Leeds Brudenell
27 Bristol Exchange
28 London Camden Underworld


21 Sheffield Tramlines Festival


16 ArcTanGent Festival

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Posted on May 2nd 2018, 11:58am
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