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Extreme Metal Producer Dave Otero On Making Chaos Sound Organic

Underground metal’s premiere producer talks about capturing the humanity behind 280bpm blastbeats.

If you’re a fan of extreme and underground metal today, chances are you love at least one album produced by Dave Otero. The Colorado-based producer and engineer has worked on some of the most important metal releases of the past ten years, including groundbreaking albums by Cobalt, Khemmis, Skinless, Cephalic Carnage, and Cattle Decapitation. A much-loved force in the Mile High metal scene, Dave uses a distinct mixture of epic yet human production to make death and doom metal bands sound like their most complete selves.

In the latest episode of Mixing Masters, our collaboration with Unstoppable Recording Machine’s Nail The Mix, Dave sits down at his own studio, Flatline Audio, to discuss his role as a producer. He talks about the obvious parts of the job (making extreme bands sound organic) and the less common side of the process (keeping musicians from making poor lifestyle choices during the session). Along the way, he also talks running a studio in an atypical market and advice he’d give new producers.

Check out Dave’s episode of Mixing Masters below:

Musical Credits:

Artist: Archspire
Song: Involuntary Doppelgänger
Album: Relentless Mutation

Posted on January 23rd 2019, 5:00pm
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