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Final Stair Release New Video For Morning Dew

A mix of post-rock, stoner-rock, blues and a hint of straight up pop.

This is sponsored content, but that doesn’t mean we’re not into it!

European rock trio Final Stair have given fans an exciting taste of their upcoming album, with a moody new single and video, Morning Dew.

The band – twin brothers Istvan and Denes, and newest member Andre – have welcomed in their highly-anticipated new era with a tune that delves into the tale of a woman ‘thrown into turmoil, twisting and unravelling with every breath’. Yep… it’s an intense listen.

In today’s fast-paced world, partners often want to hide their feelings or believe they have to fulfil the expectations of others,” Final Stair explain. “The song is also for anyone who has not yet discovered that it’s worth fighting for…”

And, as you can probably expect, too, the video – which was shot in the beautiful and appropriate surroundings of a neo-Gothic Castle, and directed by Mike Kraus – is just as moving as the song’s powerful subject matter. 

Stick this glorious mix of post-rock, stoner-rock, blues and a hint of pop in your ears and eyes below, and check back for more from Final Stair soon. Much like the album’s name, Spectator, this is well worth keeping an eye on…

Posted on April 19th 2018, 4:49pm
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