How Did Green Day Get So Big

How Did Green Day Get So Big?

The Punk Rock MBA’s Finn McKenty explains how a DIY punk act became one of the biggest rock acts of all time.

These days, it’s easy to think of Green Day as a mainstream mega-act divorced from punk rock’s central ethos. But is that fair? How did three dudes from a DIY punk scene become one of the biggest bands of all time?

Thankfully, Finn McKenty, founder of The Punk Rock MBA, has the answers for you. Finn has created a new video in his How Did They Get So Big series, this time outlining the rise of Green Day.

As McKenty puts it, “Green Day have done so much to shine a spotlight on DIY punk and the 90s Gilman community in particular. They’re a great band, but what makes them truly special to me is how they’ve used their platform to support the scene that helped them get to where they are today.”

Check out the video below and find out what made Green Day the superstars they are today:

Posted on November 1st 2018, 4:00pm
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