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If Taylor Swift Fronted Limp Bizkit

Honestly, Swift Bizkit sound pretty good.

Ask yourself, would you really even be that surprised if Tay Tay appeared on a beloved ’00s rap-rock band’s track this year? Cultural lines have been blurred so much at this point that if Fred and Taylor just said ‘fuck it’, and put out a 20-song concept album about their mutual love of doggo memes, aside from four or five angry men on Twitter, the music world would shrug its shoulders and move on with its day (we’d certainly be keen to hear that record, though, wouldn’t you?).

The brilliant absurdists at Super Deluxe put together this video that imagines a really-quite-plausible-when-you-think-about-it scenario in which Taylor sings on a Limp Bizkit track. It is a joy to behold. Please, enjoy at your leisure.

Posted on September 22nd 2017, 12:28pm
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