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Joe Cardamone’s New Cross Is A Skeezy Good Time

Joe Cardamone, formerly of the Icarus Line, has created a solo project as confrontational, obnoxious and skeezy as his former band.

Joe Cardamone, formerly of the Icarus Line, has started releasing music on his own. His output could loosely be described as a mix of r&b, rock, rap and industrial genres, and it is as confrontational, obnoxious and skeezy as his former band. Which is great news!

The first fruits of that output is new track New Cross, which we’re premiering here today. A nihilist attack, underpinned by industrial beats and glitch synths – it sets out the manifesto for Joe’s forthcoming recordings in a staight-forward and no frills manner and is accompanied by visuals created as part of a series of films set to his music that Joe has dubbed ‘Holy War’.

New Cross is the gateway drug into the Holy War series of flicks and cuts.” says Joe, “Instead of jumping on the comfy bed of the bandwagon I made a choice to do something else. Something that’s alive, contemporary, honest and new. Drowning in modern pain and angry at the clones. No fucks given, just like always.”

Check it out:

Posted on December 5th 2017, 11:08am
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