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Kurt Cobain’s Mum On The First Time She Heard Smells Like Teen Spirit

This is lovely…

Kurt Cobain’s mum, sister and daughter attended the opening of the Growing Up Kurt exhibition at the Style Icons museum in Ireland last week and gave a revealing interview…

In it, Kurt’s mum, Wendy, remembers the first time Kurt played her the Nirvana classic, Smells Like Teen Spirit.

I was in the bathroom finishing my make-up and all of a sudden Teen Spirit came on and I just went flying outta there,” she recalled. “He was sitting in his whitey tighties in the front room, near the sofa. I sat on the edge of it, and… the hair on my arms stood up and I got this heaviness in my chest.”

Wendy knew straight away that her son was going to become a superstar.

I said, ‘Oh my god, Kurt, how are you gonna handle this? This is gonna send you to the moon and back! This is gonna change everything. I just warned him and said, ‘I don’t think, honey, you’re ready for this. This is gonna go huge! This is gonna be big!’ And he said, ‘Oh my god, thank you.’ And i said, ‘I don’t think you can handle this…’ And he goes, ‘Oh mom! You’re just my mom!’ And then his stepdad looked over and he goes, ‘No Kurt, this is gonna be huge – you better get yourself a lawyer!’”

Kurt’s sister Kimberly also talks about the first time she saw Nirvana play, and how she lost her voice and couldn’t do her book report at school the next day. While Kurt’s daughter Frances Bean reveals how her dad is around her always because of Nirvana, even when she doesn’t want him to be.

Check out the full interview below.

The Growing Up Kurt exhibition is on until September 30. For more information visit this link.

Posted on July 23rd 2018, 12:09pm
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