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Legendary Nu-Metal Producer Ross Robinson Shows Off His Gear

His appearance on EarthQuaker Devices​’​ Show Us Your Junk! is eye-opening.

Producer Ross Robinson is famously responsible for the production on some of nu-metal most iconic albums, including Korn’s debut and their Life Is Peachy follow-up, Slipknot’s debut, Sepultura’s Roots and Limp Bizkit’s debut Three Dollar Bill, Y’all$, among others.

He still owns a lot of the production gear he had during the nu-metal days and continues to use it at his own home studio. In this episode of guitar pedal makers EarthQuaker Devices’ Show Us Your Junk! documentary series, Ross talks through his collection while discussing his production process, and shows off bits and pieces from sessions with some bands you may well have heard of…

Posted on August 29th 2018, 12:13pm
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