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Nothing Release Video For I Hate The Flowers

Philly’s gnarliest shoegazers have made a great video.

Nothing have released a video for their song I Hate The Flowers, which is taken from their new album, the unwaveringly brilliant Dance On The Blacktop.

The single, written by frontman Domenic Palermo and Brandon Setta, is a love song about NYC and the strong sense of impending doom it leaves on you as you exit your apartment. Its title is apparently a nod to the agoraphobic anthem by post-punk band Strawberry Switchblade, Trees and Flowers - which you can hear below if you’re interested - but also a sequel to the band’s Vertigo Flowers, which appeared on 2016’s Tired of Tomorrow. Palermo notes “I’ve been referring to humans as flowers since the earliest days of Nothing… Their literal life/death cycle is so relatable.”

Check out the track here:

Here’s Strawberry Switchblade’s Trees and Flowers, just for fun:

Have a read of our recent, pretty thrilling interview with Domenic Palermo here. He’s got some gnarly stories.

Check out the rest of Dance On The Blacktop here:

Posted on September 6th 2018, 3:00pm
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