Premiere: Gurt’s New Doom-Meets-Punk Rager Of A Video

Is it doom? Is it grind? Is it sludge? It’s GURT!

Is it doom? Is it grind? Is it sludge? It’s all of that and more! GURT - a grubby four-piece from London - have just released an album called Skullossus, which we were psyched about to the point that we gave it 4 Ks in a recent mag review. Today we’re exclusively premiering their new video, Broken Heart Heroin Man, right here:

GURT on Broken Heart Heroin Man:

For one of our most favourite tracks from new album SKULLOSSUS, we wrote Broken Heart Heroin Man as a contrast to the slow and heavy opening track. We love sludge and doom but we also love punk and grind so this track shows us at our most speedy but still damned catchy, it’s a shout out to all those show-offs out there that think they are cool as fuck but still live with their parents!”

As for the video, Spicy (bass) had recently bought a brand new GoPro and we filmed loads of silly footage in the studio whilst recording the album, with the intention of mashing it all together and releasing a video. So this seemed like the best track to go alongside that footage, just make sure you watch all the way to the end!” 

Skullosus is available to download and buy from the band’s site here

Posted on December 1st 2017, 12:53pm
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