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Premiere: Lionheart Share Video For Still Bitter Still Cold

Last year California hardcore veterans Lionheart put out what they thought was going to be their last album…

Last year California hardcore veterans Lionheart put out what they thought was going to be their last album. They were probably all super excited to leave all that hardcore nonsense behind and go get nice stable jobs in human resources, but unfortunately for them, Love Don’t Live Here charted at #2 on the iTunes Metal Charts (right behind Megadeth) and garnered high praise from every major metal publication. They didn’t really have a choice, did they? 

New single/video Still Bitter Still Cold tells the story of their comeback and showcases their signature combination of white hot metallic hardcore and low end West Coast groove.

Rob Watson is Lionheart’s singer and he hopes you enjoy the video:

The song title and lyrics are a continuation/tie-in to some of our older material. The mid-tempo groove is heavy, dark, and helps tell the story perfectly. This is one of our favorite tracks on the new album and one we really look forward to playing live.”

Go get yourself some Lionheart records and merch from here (EU) or here (US).

Posted on October 13th 2017, 3:02pm
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