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Premiere: The Amsterdam Red Light District’s Rad New 360° Interactive Video

Ready to feel a little woozy? Get on this!

French melodic hardcore quartet The Amsterdam Red Light District have unveiled their head-spinning new video for Carry On, the second single from forthcoming third album, Sapere Aude.

Good, innit?

Speaking of the vid, the band had the following to say.

“We wanted to play on the concept of madness with this song. This world makes us lose ourselves, and sometimes we lose control. Each of us do have a normal side, and a crazy alter-ego on the other side. This interactive music video plays on this, with an opposition between a soft version of the band and the crazier version. Both teams take a look at each other. The bright side tries to keep calm while the dark side shows the fury. Which alter-ego are you today? Choose your team!”

If you like what you hear, Sapere Aude is out on Red Light Records on March 2. You can pre-order the album here.

If you’re late to the game on The Amsterdam Red Light District, in the meantime you can check out their 2014 record Gone For A While below.

Posted on January 12th 2018, 1:00pm
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