Cane Hill

The New Cane Hill Video Is A Bit Of A Trip

The metallers are back and are gnarly as ever. We love it!

Cane Hill are back, and in true Cane Hill fashion, they’ve released a video that is made to mess with your mind. It’s for their new single, Too Far Gone, which will be taken from their forthcoming album.

The band have this to say about the song: “This song is about our short and dangerously intense romance with LSD. We went down a rabbit hole and I’m not sure how we came back. But Cane Hill’s here – bigger and better. This is in-your-face Cane Hill. The real Cane Hill. No make-up or gimmicks – just musicians playing aggressive ass music that’s meant to stick in your head and you won’t want to get it out.”

Yeah, the animations from Toon 53 Productions in the video really are pretty wild…

Watch Too Far Gone below:

Catch Cane Hill supporting Motionless In White at the following:

Motionless Tour
Posted on October 10th 2017, 11:28am
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